June 5, 2011

About Ben

Things to know about Ben at 20 months . . .

He loves cars. Not just any cars . . . the matchbox-style cars (though I don't think we have any actual matchbox cars). Jack didn't get into these until older, mainly because we didn't have them in the house when he was Ben's age. Give him two cars and plenty of "race track" and he'll be happy for a long time.

He loves to do belly smackers. Onto the couch sometimes. Most often, he moves the couch cushions to the floor and just throws himself down onto them. One time, he got a little confused and threw himself down onto a throw pillow. There was a HUGE thud and lots of crying. And it's really not his belly. He'll jump up and just land on the floor on his bottom. Over and over. He's just rough.

He copies Jack like crazy. Words, actions, everything. For better or worse.

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