April 6, 2010

3 things . . .

  • Ben is now pulling himself up to standing . . . God help us all. He also does this fun new thing where he lets off a high-pitched, piercing shriek every time I take something away or do something to make him unhappy. It's awesome.
  • My head is so full of the funny things that Jack has said, that I can't even begin to recall every single one. He told me this afternoon, "Mama, I don't wanna be blogged today." So, I'll just leave it at that for now.

  • I have another niece! Ellie Michelle was born last Wednesday . . . pictures are forthcoming.


Jeni said...

Ha, your life kinda sounds like mine right now. Apparently two mobile children is a lot of work. Oy.

Sarah said...

I can't believe he's pulling up!!! Well, yes I can :) Ezra is not there yet, but he's TRYING. I'll keep ya posted :)