April 27, 2010

Baby G

Look who I got to hang out with on Sunday . . .

He was such a sweet baby and put up with me beautifully, even though I was bothering him when he just wanted to sleep in peace.

I think one of the best parts of the entire session was seeing how much his parents adore him. He's the youngest of three boys but you could tell that his parents were as in awe of him as they were the first time around (or so I would imagine, since I didn't meet his big brothers until they were older). It was so sweet to see.

On my way home yesterday I realized something . . . this was the last newborn session I have scheduled! I usually have at least one scheduled at any given time, even if it's months away. But Baby G will be my last for a while. It's a little bit sad.

For privacy reasons, I can't post pictures from my sessions on Monday but I will say that they went much better than I had even anticipated!

All in all, my trip to Chicago went really well. I missed my boys tremendously, but really appreciated the night off. When I walked in the door, they pretty much acted as if I had just been in the other room for 36 hours or so.

My drive to and from Chicago . . . well, I'm going to save that for another post. Maybe tomorrow . . .

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