April 16, 2010

I'll let the pictures do most of the talking

My world has been crazy for the last few weeks, and I can't quite pinpoint any one thing. It's just been a lot of little things. I've slowed down on trying to get my photography site finished because I'm booked through August so the site seems a little silly at this point. I've had a lot of fun working on custom designs for customers and in a few weeks will be working with a school in Chicago (where my sister works) on a really, really cool photo project. I'll share more about that later.

The biggest thing on my plate is getting ready for summer camps to begin . . . this warm weather has me so excited for camps to begin!

Here are a few of the things from the beginning of April that I've missed posting . . .

One night when Kyle had a late baseball practice, Jack and I built a fort under our kitchen table. We ordered pizza (after two unsuccessful attempts to make it earlier in the evening) and ate in our fort. Which sounded good, but Ben got cranky, so I started nursing him under there. Then Jack got bored and I was left sitting under our dining room table alone while nursing Ben.

Jack was sick the week before Easter. Actually, he just had a really high fever. Other than that, he felt fine and it didn't seem to bother hi ma whole lot. Our thermometer suddenly decided to switch to Celcius and we can't figure out how to switch it back, so every time we'd take his temperature, we'd have to google it to get the conversion.

We thought the fever was gone and went to the zoo on the Thursday before Easter, but when we got him he felt warm again and his temperature was over 104. It was scary. But it was magically gone the next day and we haven't seen it since.

Speaking of the zoo . . . can you tell what Jack's doing?

Here's an explanation.

I think he learned this from Jodi, and I don't know why, but it never gets old for me. I crack up every time he does it.

We went to my parents house the day before Easter and spent time with my side of the family.

My sister and I decorated eggs with some craft stuff that I picked up at Michael's and wanted to experiment with. Some of it was disasterous, but these were my favorites. When my sister-in-law saw them, she said it looked like someone had too much time on their hands and I took that as a compliment, because it literally took us less than 5 minutes to do these. Thank you, Martha Stewart stickers. I like them.

Ben pulled himself up to his knees for the first time at their house. I was having flashbacks because Jack pulled himself up for the first time in almost the exact same spot that Ben did.

On Easter Sunday, the boys dove into their Easter baskets before church (actually, Jack dove into both of them and Ben watched him). Biggest parenting mistake, Easter edition: putting a kazoo in Jack's basket. What was I thinking? I've regretted it at least once a day since then.

Kyle's side of the family came to our house on Easter Sunday. I can't remember the last time we had a warm Easter! I hid eggs in the back yard for Jack and Emma to find. It was a lot of fun! Ben pulled himself up to standing for the first time on Easter Sunday, thanks to the allure of Aunt Katie's necklace.

Steve and Joy came to visit the week after Easter and we had a great time with them. Jack still refers to Steve as "Stevie." The highlight of the week was when we were all in the car and Jack asked Joy, "When are you getting married?" No pressure, Steve.

I've been spending so much time getting family/friend & client photos ready that I haven't made it past Easter with our own! Check out all of our April snapshots (so far) right here.


Melanie Eccles said...

1. I didn't realize you were officially starting a photography business. That is totally awesome! And congrats on a whole summer of bookings.

2. We are SO looking forward to camp!

3. You are a wonderful mom--fort and pizza? awesome!

4. Those Easter eggs are gorgeous!

Sarah said...

Okay, so I totally knew he was doing the elephant ear, trunk, and blow. Is it the pre-k teacher in me???! :)

Very pretty eggs!