April 9, 2010


April 8

I'm beginning to think that there is not a square foot of our carpet or furniture that hasn't been touched by Ben's spit-up. Sick. Ben keeps banging his head on the sliding glass door . . . in an attempt to escape? At what point I should foil his plans and intervene?

Sometimes, giving your child permission to waste an entire roll of scotch tape is worth it for the few moments of peace.

April 7

How do you explain WHY South Dakota is to our west, rather than to our south, to a toddler?

This week has been busier than a set of jumper cables at a family reunion.

April 6

There are few things that make me happier than clients who are super excited about their photos or completed projects.

April 5

Ben's now pulling himself up to standing. God help us all.

April 4

I've decided that "needle in a haystack" will be replaced by "plastic eggs on Easter" in my vocabulary. They were HARD to find.

To a world who doesn't know the resurrection, "Peace be with you" is simply in incoherent.

Kazoo in the Easter basket = worst idea I've ever had.

April 3

We're headed to Allen Park for the day. And it'll be a long trip because Jack tells us he has to go potty EVERY time we see a McDonalds.

April 1
I've instituted a no talking policy in the car because JACK WILL NOT STOP.

It's warmer today than it was most days last July.

March 31

Today's sign that Jack is better:"Can I watch a show to help me feel better?"

Yesterday's sign that Jack was sick: "Would you finish watching my show for me so that I can rest my eyes?"

Jack has empathy far beyond his years . . .

March 30

Jack has literally not stopped talking for about 10 minutes now.

Pizza attempt #1- accidentally used salsa instead of sauce. Pizza attempt #2 - realized we had no pizza sauce. #3 -Called Peppi's.

Thanks to the 103.1 fever, Jack just won himself an afternoon full o' sleep & tv shows.

March 29

Jack told me that I'm his favorite 42-year-old. Not cool, Jack. Not cool.

March 25

Two nights ago, I had a dream that there was a civil war over the issue of health care reform.

March 24

RT @RickWarren Worry is practical atheism. It is unbelief; acting like an orphan without a Heavenly Father who's made 6000 promises to you.

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