February 24, 2008

Triple the fun

I took some pictures of the Hammond triplets last week. Despite my poor composition, lack of experience and trouble with my autofocus, there were a few that turned out to be good. But with kids this cute anyone is sure to get a few good shots!

You can see them all here.


Nicole said...

You brave girl! Three newborns LOL! I have a twin session this July and I'm nervous as heck! One newborn is stressful and unpredictable enough... whew! I give you credit for taking on three at a time! :)

They are so cute, and getting so big already! The one that was flipping her legs backwards cracks me up! She sounds/looks like a feisty one!

Your autofocus (you mentioned issues)... what do you shoot in? Manual or AV or other?

Cristi Hammond said...

Wow...whose cute kids are those?? You did an amazing job!!

Phil said...

those pictures turned out GREAT! Good job making babies chad and cristi...good job making pictures sara.

Julie Durocher said...

Oh my word! Those are so adorable! You did a great job. I know it's not easy taking pictures of such little babies.

Kyle Luke said...

Almost always AV.

Jason said...


These pictures are amazing. You've got an eye and some skillz to pay the billz.