February 7, 2008

How do you mince garlic?

So, I walk in the door from what was a longer, more frustrating day than most at camp and Kyle says, "Hey, how do you mince garlic?"


It's not that Kyle doesn't cook well. It's just that he doesn't cook that often. Truth be told, neither do I. Most of our dinners don't take a whole lot to throw together.

When we went grocery shopping on Monday, I bought a bag of Meijer brand ravioli (on sale for only $2.50!) and he used it to make an AMAZING dinner using a recipe he found online! I would have paid good money at the Macaroni Grill for that ravioli. I took a picture, but when I looked at it I realized that it looked kinda gross . . . but take my word for it. It was delicious. It was exactly what I needed to come home to.

Jack gets a bath most nights after dinner. After we get him undressed, we always do our best to make him laugh . . . and he always does. I'd say it's probably one of the happiest times of the day! I hope it makes your day a little happier too.


Anonymous said...

You buy a garlic mincer...

Great video of you guys... I get so thrilled watching you both.... (Jack, too!)

Anonymous said...


Crystal said...

Don't you LOVE babies and their emotions? They feel everything so completely and put all they have into the moment. That probably sounds really dumb but hopefully you know what I mean. :)

Unknown said...

That was so cute!!!