February 23, 2008

My life is good . . .

A few highlights from my day:
  • Our lodge guests at camp calling at 5:30 AM to let us know they were out of coffee. If I had answered the phone, I think I would have said something like, "You don't need coffee at 5:30 AM. Go back to bed." But Kyle answered and responded more graciously than I would have. He got dressed, hopped in the car and drove to camp to get them coffee. These are the same ladies that called late last night to say that they locked their key in their room, only to find that someone else actually had it. Unfortunately, they did not think to call Kyle to tell him not to come. We only live about 5 miles from camp, but it's a long 5 miles when you make the drive for NO REASON!

  • I had the joy of digging a piece of dog food out of Jack's mouth this morning. That was super fun. I had a friend tell me this week about her one-year-old eating a piece of dog food and I said to her, "It's only a matter of time before Jack does that." And I was right.

  • I spent most of the early morning cleaning up wax. The good news is, it came out of the carpet and off of the walls completely. The bad news is that it did not come out of the couch and the clothing.

  • Murphy was drinking water out of her bowl this morning and accidentally inhaled a little. This happens daily and she usually snorts and sneezes until it's gone. But this time Jack was sitting right there (this was right before the aforementioned dog food in the mouth incident). He laughed so hard at Murphy when she was sneezing . . . I think he thought she was doing it purely for his entertainment.

  • Kyle was at a coaching clinic today so it was just Jack and I. I knew we wouldn't make it through the day if we stayed inside all day so we went shopping at one of the two "malls" in Jackson. I put the word "malls" in quotations marks because, well . . . you'd just have to experience them to understand. I went to the one adjacent to Walmart . . . it was dead. I'm not sure how that mall stays open because it's NEVER busy. We also hit Target and picked up a few things. Jack was incredibly happy and we had a great time!

  • It was SO nice outside! I got away with only wearing a vest! Jack was in his Toddler BundleMe in his stroller so I took his coat off it he first store and left it off. I just put his hat on when we went outside.

  • Baby Gap had great stuff on the boys' clearance racks . . . I got four shirts for $15 and his new coat (seen below) for $15. Plus, I had gift cards to cover the whole purchase!

  • I did a toy shift and moved all of his downstairs toys upstairs and took all of his upstairs toys downstairs . . . you know, to mix things up a little bit. This meant Jack got to climb the entire flight of stairs . . . TWICE. He loves climbing stairs, but he was pooped afterwards!

  • Kyle's home and Jack's in bed and we're going to watch our tivo-ed American Idol episodes from this week. We watched Lost yesterday . . . so good. I can't wait for the return of all of our favorite shows!
I'll leave you with this photo of Jack. My office at home has french doors on it and I heard a knocking on them and turned around to see this. It's a little bit gross and a lot cute!

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