February 26, 2008

Keep in touch

I've had a lot of cell phones. When I started at camp in 2000, the staff all had cell phones the size of bricks (I am not speaking hyperbolically). Then I had the slightly smaller phone with the interchangeable blue and silver faceplates. This was cool for about two weeks. Following that I had a series of four flip phones. The speaker quit on the first. The second was stolen. The third had a screen that cracked. The fourth was an old one that Kyle's parents let me use . . . in it's final week, the screen went blank, but I could dial and answer.

For this reason, it was hard to ever reach me by cell phone. I rarely had it with me because it either filled my entire purse or didn't work (usually both). Oh, and did I mention that I lose my cell phone a lot? Well, I do.

Two weeks ago, Dave announced that the camp would be discontinuing cell phone service, but that we would all get a set amount per month to offset the cost of our own cell phone plan. I was THRILLED. So, we chose to go with AT&T. We bought our phones through Sam's Club (which allowed for a deal) and were able to get Blackberry's. Kyle got the Blackberry Pearl and I got the Blackberry Curve:

I have never had a nice phone. Shoot . . . I can't remember the last time I had a phone that is fully functional! What does this mean? Hopefully it means that I'll be easier to reach. I also intend to check my messages more regularly (yes, Alisha Cobb, I did get your message and I will call you back)! It also means that I can add a data plan (which I will do soon enough).

So, if you have my cell phone number feel free to give me a call. But not yet . . . I have to go find my phone first.


Crystal said...

I have bad luck with phones too...besides the usual dropping, smashing, etc...I once dropped mine in a toilet...a PUBLIC toilet!

Jeanette said...