December 6, 2007


Pureed acorn squash smells suspiciously like the paste I used in elementary school. I did not eat the paste and do not plan on eating the squash either.


heather.snider said...

ha. I loved that paste. I got a note sent home with me once telling my Mom to talk to me about sniffing it.

Anonymous said...

So I was all set to give you a simple preparation for acorn squash that we love, but then I realized you were talking about baby food in a jar.

I wonder if that's how they condition kids to like the taste of paste.


Kyle Luke said...

Nope, I roasted it and pureed it. I'd love to hear it!

Anonymous said...

I cut it in half, scoop out the seeds and make knife slashes in the resulting bowl. Fill with a scoop of butter or margarine and 2 shakes of garlic powder. Cover with foil and roast until you can easily spoon out the flesh.