December 26, 2007

All is calm . . .

All in all, Christmas was insane. So many places to be, so much to do . . . it wasn't anyone's fault, it was just crazy. I guess it was kind of my fault for thinking we could do it all. I kept saying to myself, "Something has to change for next year or I will never enjoy Christmas again." One blog that I read regularly talks about the "Christmas tacos" tradition that she and her husband initiated this year to make Christmas less about the busy-ness and more about spending time together. This has started me thinking about what kinds of things we can (and should) scale down in order to make the holidays less stressful for everyone involved. I think the main thing that will make it less stressful for me next year is not having to worry about having a cranky baby if he misses a nap. Honestly, he did so well for the hours we were keeping but today he was his happy self since he got a full night of rest.

I'm feeling slightly more relaxed today, but I'm spent. Jack just went to sleep, so I should too. Lukapalooza* starts tomorrow, so I'll need my energy!

*Lukapalooza is the name I gave to the Luke family gathering . . . which lasts five days and four nights. It's at camp, so Kyle, Jack and I sleep at home and go there during the day.

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Smith Family Blog said...

Hey Sara!
Sorry things were so stressful. I know how that all goes-- Kurt's parents planned both Thanksgiving AND Christmas celebrations during Moses' afternoon nap... He screamed for both. But his happy times during the holidays more than made up for that.

We have also committed to doing things differently next year. We prepped everyone for it this year-- telling them not to count on us being anywhere ON Christmas next year. It isn't fair to Moses to travel (we had three days of traveling this year-- Eve, Christmas, and day-after). He needs to be able to stay at home, enjoy some quiet, and explore his new treasures. SO, next year, if anyone wants to celebrate with us, they have to come here! It sounds selfish, but we have been traveling for years (in fact, my growing-up years were spent traveling on Christmas)-- and we're not doing it anymore! We'll get together the weekend before or after-- but next year Christmas is going to be about Christ.