October 26, 2007

I get it.

I've had a few messages from people (including a few anonymous ones) concerned about a few of my pictures of Jack in his bumbo chair on our kitchen table. Following this report on MSNBC I feel the need to put any fears to rest.

The recall warns that "baby seats and should never use the infant seat on a table, countertop, chair or other elevated surface." Yes, we do sit Jack in his bumbo seat and put it on the table. Gasp! And, yes, he has tried to arch his back and flip himself out of the chair on several occasions. Double gasp!

Here's the good news: we never leave him alone in the chair. In fact, we usually have the bumbo on the table for one of two reasons . . . he's eating, or we're taking a picture and the lighting is really good there. And one of us is always standing within an arm's length away (usually with a hand on the chair) in case he decides he wants to do a double back handspring out of the seat.

Common sense would tell you not to leave your baby sitting in the seat on a table alone. Would you leave your baby sitting on a table alone without the seat? Probably not. The report also says that children shouldn't be left alone in the seat even when it's on the floor. We rarely even do this. But if we do and he should choose to do a reverse walkover followed by two consecutive cartwheels, topped off with a somersault out of the seat, he would land the blanket laying a few inches beneath him.

No worries. My baby is in good hands.

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Cristi Hammond said...

I'm bummed. I just checked my registry and target took them all off. Are they really pulling them all of the shelves just to add a warning label? Doesn't anyone have any common sense? It's like the warning label on coffee. This may be hot. DUH!!!