October 24, 2007

All who are weary . . .

There's something about what God has created that can speak directly to a person's soul.

I have no biblical basis for that, but it sounds nice, huh? That's what I was thinking last night as Kyle and I drove to Jackson for my brother's soccer game. The sun was setting and the sky was painted in beautiful shades of pink and orange. The sunset, combined with the red, orange and yellow leaves on all of the trees, cast a golden tint to everything. We agreed that it was as if the car windows had some sort of gold-tinted film covering them. We passed a pond that reflected the gold color and made it look as if you could walk out onto it. To top it all off, Jack was in the car, awake and not screaming. It was incredible.

The only thing I didn't have was time and a camera.

As we marveled at what God had created, I felt a sense of peace that took me by surprise. It was the strangest thing. It was an ordinary day. We were in the car. On the way to a soccer game. And I was completely overwhelmed by God's presence and keenly aware of his call for me to rest.

I took the long way to and from the grocery store this morning hoping to re-capture some of what I saw, and subsequently felt, last night. Unfortunately, the magic was gone. But for those few moments in the car last night, the burdens were lifted and I found rest.

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Maria W. said...

Did you see the moon this morning? It was beautiful, huge, full and a bit creepy this close to Halloween, Ally even said "look at how cool the moon is today"