April 24, 2011


Three kids. I keep thinking about that.

When I had Ben, the work multiplied more than I expected. Will that happen again? I'm used to multiple children now. Three can't be that much harder than two. Right? No?

Being pregnant still doesn't feel real . . . mainly because we haven't really told anyone. It's just our little secret. Well us, and a few select medical professionals. And Ben. He's a pretty good secret keeper.

My body is telling me it's real, though. The round ligament pain is more than I ever experienced with Jack or Ben. The fatigue . . . it's the "fall asleep while typing an e-mail" kind of tired. And the hormones . . . oh, the hormones. If you were sitting next to me during the baptisms in church today, you might already know that I'm pregnant.

I'm feeling thankful. We are so blessed.


Anonymous said...

I can say that for us, the work did not multiply exponentially with the third. One to two was a MUCH harder transition than two to three.

But, Jack Henry was just generally a little bit easier baby than Bennett (who, in the scheme of things, was not a difficult baby; just MORE difficult than Luke), so that probably contributed to the overall transition, too.

Can't wait to hear if this is a boy or girl, and when you're due! Hang in there...the fatigue should pass in a few weeks...

Sara Neufeld said...

one to two was WAY harder for us than two to three. hope that encourages you. your life is already chaos, what's one more really? ;)