April 1, 2011


Playdough and I have a love-hate relationship.

March 2011

I love how long it can keep my boys entertained.

March 2011

I hate cleaning it up. You really are unaware of how many crevices there are in your kitchen until you allow two little boys to play with playdough in it.


Jeni said...

Nor how many small pieces two boys are capable of turning a hunk of playdough into. I too share a love-hate relationship with the stuff.

Anonymous said...

me too!

All 3 boys played with it for almost 90 minutes over spring break one day...glorious (I stood at the counter making things with my glue gun the whole time :). But the cleanup...oh my goodness. Horrible.

My idea of perfect playdough play is this: let them play, clean up the stuff on the table and leave the rest. Then leave the house for 3 hours. When you come back, all of the playdough bits will be hardened and easy to clean up! But this never happens.