April 30, 2011

Bad swingset

I was playing outside with the boys today and Jack wacked his head pretty good on one of the crossbeams in the "fort" part of our playscape. He reacted like he's been reacting to injuries lately . . . he started yelling at the inanimate object and accusing it of being out to get him. He usually cries and screams something like, "You bad, bad swingset! You do not hurt people. That's NOT NICE!" Sometimes he even hits it with his hand out of frustration, which of course makes things worse.

Isn't it amazing how some adults still do this? Forget about their actions . . . it's always someone else's fault. I can't help but think that every time he has one of his little tantrums.

I've been praying this week specifically that my boys will be teachable. I've prayed that they'll be open to the godly influences in their lives and discerning about which instruction to follow.

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