February 2, 2010

Longest. Month. Ever.

I have so much rattling around in my brain that I'd like to get out in blog-form, but it's just not happening. January 2010 goes on record as being the longest month of my life. There was not one single day when one of us wasn't sick. And February is starting out the SAME way. Kyle's finally getting over his sinus infection/ear infection/pink eye and Ben is coming down with more respiratory stuff.

Last week, during the two days when no one was actually sick, I was dealing with intense pain in my jaw . . . I told Kyle I'd rather be in labor again than dealing with the kind of pain I was dealing with. Vicodin didn't help. I saw my doctor. I saw a dentist. It's a mystery. And then the jaw pain went away and I have a single tooth that has a lot of pressure. The dentist says it's just from clenching and grinding and there's not much we can do.

I'm so ready for spring.

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ann said...

We had to buy an NTI (not sure what it stands for) for Matt's clinching and grinding problems. It works pretty well, but it was about $500 and our dental insurance didn't cover it.