February 16, 2010


I know that posting twitter updates on my blog seems esoteric, but twitter has become my mini-blog. I post updates of fun (and not-so-fun) things that happen throughout the day and this is the only way to preserve them.

They're in reverse order . . .

February 16
Jack just asked where the pepper trucks are.

February 15
I've only been watching the Bachelor for 5 minutes and I'm already annoyed.

I love cuddle time . . . http://yfrog.com/4av4zjj

February 14
While I was nursing Ben, Jack shoved 10 peanut M&M's in his mouth. When I told him he needed a time out, he spit them out EVERYWHERE. Great.

At some point, someone decided that using a cookie cutter was SO uncomfortable that it needed a "comfort grip."

What on earth did people do before google?

February 13
Looking forward to seeing Jan and Dustin this afternoon!

February 12
Ha! And when I asked Jack who he was talking to he said, "Pretend Uncle Kevin."

Jack is alone in the living room with his Bible open having what sounds like a very heated discussion about King Nebuchadnezzar.

February 10
Kyle (tried) to teach Jack the word "omnipresent" this morning. But now he says, "God is 'Obama-president.'" Hmmm . . . not quite.

Now that I have a new computer, I'm not sure when I'll catch up on all of the reading I did while I waited for the old one to process.

February 7

It is in the process of being worshipped that God communicates His presence to men-C.S.Lewis

I told Jack to give the man hair, but he drew this and said,"he needed a helmet instead." And I think he was right. http://yfrog.com/3iieezj

February 4
"It's not that the gospel is useful for my worries but that the gospel proves the uselessness of my worries & refocuses my attn." Nouwen

Jack just did his first maze . And he did it surprisingly well. http://yfrog.com/37x75sj

My camp computer. June, 2005 - February, 2010. Goodbye, old friend.

February 3
Converting to black and white covers a multitude of sins . . .

Designing our summer curriculum is way more fun when you can look up and see this face . . . http://yfrog.com/33931nj

Jack's playing with an imaginary friend he's named "Dubba Dubba." Suddenly, I miss his old imaginary friend, *Lillian*

Jack told me that I'm "the best mommy in life." Which almost makes up for it being the 10th time I've had to take him back to his bed.

February 2
Punxsutawney Phil had better not be messing with us, because I will hunt him down if winter lasts a day beyond March 16.

February 1

A trip to the dentist this morning . . . $85 later, I still have no answers.

It's official . . . someone in our family has been sick for EVERY day of January 2010. It's been a the longest month ever.

January 31
Jesus forgave people. This makes sense only if He was the God whose laws are broken & love is wounded in every sin-CSLewis

January 29
I know he'd just be sleeping anyway, but I miss Jack.

January 28
Dear vicodin, you are ineffective and useless. Love, Sara

It literally feels like someone is punching me in the face every 15 minutes.

January 27
Whenever I feel like it's been a long day, I think about Jack Bauer and realize it could be worse.

I've had waves of intense jaw pain for 24 hours (like, contractions bad . . . for real). Dentist says there's nothing wrong. Any guesses?

Ben didn't shed a tear when he got his 4 mo shots. He yelped for a few seconds and turned red and then was back to smiles. What a kid.

January 26
Jack just said, "I'm gettin' tired from trying to make it warm up outside." That's a super power I didn't know he had . . .

January 25
Every girl on the Bachelor has one thing in common: Each one thinks he's making a HUGE MISTAKE when he sends her home.

January 24
I'm letting Jack watch a show purely because he walked up to me and said, "Can I watch a S-H-O-W?"

I think we might be heading into round 3 of illness . . .

January 23
Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing had yet been done-C.S.Lewis

I dream of living in a place where snow is a novelty . . .

January 22

Isn't there some sort of statute of limitations on how many times you can get sick in two weeks?

After hearing your child say,"Can you help me get this poo off," it's a relief to see him holding out a sheet of Winnie the Pooh stickers.

January 21
I'm eating ice cream for it's medicinal qualities.

Ben's babbling at the toys dangling above him with a tone that makes it sound like he's empowering them to be all that they can be.

January 18
Look who decided to join us for dinner. http://yfrog.com/1y6spfuj

I wish my husband thought it was as funny as I do when I call his cell phone from the basement and ask him to bring me something.

January 17
If Ambition means wanting to get ahead of others, then it's bad. If it means wanting to do a thing well then it's good-CSLewis

January 15
It seems that 80% of the tragic stories being told on the TV special about Haiti were true before the earthquake.
"Nothing can dispel gloom or lift us out of despair quite like having the story of the Bible unfolded." - Dr. Iain D. Campbell

January 14
So Steve Jobs is, by all accounts, a genius. But wait till you see what he wanted to call the iMac: http://bit.ly/6hOH10

A Response to Pat Robertson's Comments about Haiti: http://donmilleris.com/ January 13
We cannot catch a break this week.

Haiti's capital building, before and after Tuesday's earthquake: http://twitpic.com/xw8ee January 12
You're not welcome here, stomach flu. I have too much to do today.
January 9
At 3 1/2 mos, Ben is a little less than 17 lbs. Which, compared to Jack, makes him my small baby.

January 8

Jack looked at a random lady at Target and declared, "I don't like you." Yeah, it was THAT kind of trip into town.

We made it through our 1st 2 1/2 years of parenting without an ear infection, antibiotics or breathing treatments. Today, the streak ends.

Don't you shake your finger at me, young man. http://yfrog.com/4ih9zkj

January 7
Jack fell asleep ON THE COUCH while Jodi was reading him a book. Which I think means Jodi meets the qualifications for miracle worker.

Almost asleep . . . http://yfrog.com/35v6aqj

Playing a little while waiting for the shower steam to loosen some congestion. http://yfrog.com/33djoj

January 6
Saying "booyah" after a win still makes you a little bit of a loser. Which is ok, but I'm just saying . . . It does.

January 5
So, it turns out that when all of the boys' clothes are clean at the same time, we don't have room for them all in their closets . . .

January 3
The exchange with your two-year-old that makes you cringe: "I got somfing on the floor." "What did you get on the floor?" "Frow up."

January 2
Jack doesn't want to get out of bed . . . which is all the assurance that I need that he is still sick.

January 1
Jack has a fever and I fear that I might not be too far behind him.

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