September 19, 2006

No doubt about it.

It's official. Two years and thousands of dollars(and counting) later, we're pregnant. I had my blood draw yesterday and my beta level was 211 which is right smack in the middle of where it should be for being a little more than four weeks pregnant. It's still irritating for me to know that couples who could afford these treatments way more than we could can get pregnant on their first try with having to spend little more than what it costs to buy lingerie, a nice dinner and a bottle of wine, but that shouldn't matter to me anymore.

It is completely surreal. Joy found out last night because I'm a bad liar. And we told our parents, who all seemed to be as excited as we are. I talked to the Reproductive Endocrinology (RE) office today and I go in for my first unltrasound on October 9. THey want to monitor me for the first couple of months. And I have to find an obstetrician. DeLynn (the LPN from the RE office) told me that my due date is May 27. Only we would get pregnant exactly 40 weeks before staff training at camp . . . but what can we do?

This child is a true miracle. I know that EVERY baby is a miracle . . . but there was so little chance that we could conceive this baby, it just seems like even more of a miracle. I get the sense that this baby has been chosen for something special. I realized that I've always seen expectant moms be more excited for themselves about the thought of being a mom, but I'm just excited about this life and what it will end up becoming. I'm still scared of miscarriage, of birth defect, or disease . . . but I'm trying not to think about those things. I'm just trying to enjoy the moment.

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