October 23, 2011

She has a name


We're excited to have chosen the name "Claire" for our baby girl. We tossed around SO many options. Claire was Kyle's very first pick and we both really love it.

It means, "bright, clear, famous."

As I've been praying for her over the last few days, I've used the meaning of her name as a guide.

I pray that she'll be bold and imaginative and that she'll reflect God's light wherever she goes.

I pray that she'll be free of anything that obstructs or darkens her love for God or her passion for doing His work.

I pray that she'll be well known for her brightness, her clarity and her love for the Lord.

We still don't have a middle name for her, and we're open to suggestions. My sister suggested the middle name "Huxtable."

It's funny, but I think we'll pass.


Sara Neufeld said...

oh i love it. so sweet and girly and pretty. also i love that font you used to write her meanings! :) your prayers for her are precious. so thrilled for you to be having a girl.

Emily said...

i love it!... we have the same taste in names...Claire has been our girl name since we were pregnant with Jack!

Katy said...

so sweet. I've often thought of Claire for a middle name for some of the girl names I like. I also love the design that you made with her name & the meanings.

Joy said...

Joy is a great middle name! Just sayin'...

ann said...

I love it. I'm just totally shocked that you are revealing it. I was really waiting with anticipation when Ben was born to finally find out his name!

morgancrumbacher said...

I was blown away by your post when I read it this morning! I've been stalking your blog since you were pregnant with Ben because we have lots of things in common and I enjoy reading your posts. We have kids about the same age and I also work full time and own an Etsy shop. Anyway, I just had to share this with you. We have a son, Jack who is 3 and when I got pregnant the second time we dedided we liked the name Bennett if it was a boy. This was only a few months before you announced Ben's name (I couldn't believe it!). But we didn't have a boy, we had a girl who we named CLAIRE! We are definitely on the same wave length with baby names!!

Melanie Eccles said...

It's beautiful, Sara.

And Huxtable is hilarious. But probably not so practical. What are the boys' middle names?

Maranda said...

We have two boys also--Jack and Elijah. Ever since I was pregnant the first time (with Jack), we have had Claire picked out as our girl name! We were pretty sure Elijah was going to be a girl, but we were wrong on that one, haha. We are hoping that the third time will be the charm (in a year or two), and if we do wind up getting a little girl we are going to call her Claire Elizabeth! Good luck deciding on a middle name!

Anonymous said...

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