October 24, 2011

Twitter: July 23 - October 23

Selected Twitter posts from the last two months.

October 23

Me: We're going to camp, Ben. Ben: Beach? Me: No, can you say "camp?" Ben: Beach! Me: C-C-Camp. Ben: C-C-Beach.

October 21
Jack: How old are you? Ben: Two. Jack: Yes, but how old does your grandpa want you to be? Ben: Um, six. Jack: Yay, Ben! That's right!

October 17
Jack: Can I watch one more show? Me: Hmm . . . what if we fry your brain? What then? Jack: I just won't be as smart. I can live with that.

October 16
My dad turned 60 this week. He also ran his 11th marathon. Incredible.

October 15
Today, a retiree made a comment to me about "When you're receiving social security checks . . ." That's cute.

October 14
Jack: "I DO NOT like Elmo. It's so old. From when I was a little kid."

October 5
Jack just snapped his fingers at me and said, "I NEED SOMEONE TO GET ME BREAKFAST!" Excuse me?! I have a lesson I need to go teach . . .

October 3
Pool = FAIL. But we did discover that Ben's tennis shoes will float in a pool when thrown in.

October 2
Few things bring me as much joy as watching my boys sing Oh Happy Day. #churchinthecar

September 23
Opening his presents. He put each thing away as took it out of the box! yfrog.com/nytocavj

2 years ago right now, contractions were 5 minutes apart. I was an hour from the hospital and wanted to stop by Target on the way. #denial

September 22
My contractions stop when I lay down. But when i lay down, I don't get much done. Grrrr.

September 19
After complaining all the way home about egg salad for lunch, they talked me into pizza. Then they ate my entire sandwich & asked for more.

September 17
I can hear my sister upstairs introducing Jack to songs from The Sound of Music. But I haven't heard Kyle's head explode. Yet.

September 16
No, I was not embarrassed when the drive thru worker from whom I ordered lunch remembered me from breakfast. Not at all.

September 12
This cracked me up. NOW I know what do do with that enormous surplus of "free time" I have when jack's at preschool! yfrog.com/h6xrsxij

September 11
After he tooted, Jack just smiled and said, "That was me just making nutrients." WHAT?! Who taught him that one?

September 10
In the middle of praying at bedtime, Jack said, "Uh, mom? Can you put some perfume on?" Ouch.

September 3
I hear Ben up in his bed yelling, "NO WAY! NO WAY!" I can't help but wonder what's going through his mind . . .

September 1
It's so funny that Ben laughs at something when Jack does, even though he has no idea what is so funny.

August 29
We've "narrowed" the list of baby names from two to four. Hmmmm . . .

August 28
Jack had to go to bed without dinner tonight. I know he won't starve, but I really do think I feel worse than he does.

August 25
Coincidence that my iphone was stolen at the same time Steve Jobs announced his resignation? Hmmm . . . I'll let you decide.

August 24
If your name is Oprah, you can call your show "Oprah." If your name is Katie, you need to come up with something a little more original.

August 23
Why do my children have the ongoing, irresistible urge to unfold my folded laundry?

August 22
Kyle just came into my office and asked if I had an envelope. That's cute.

August 17
We bought new tires and ordered new flooring today. Which makes me feel old. And broke.

Oh, Man in the yellow hat . . . you put your monkey in charge of clearing the dinner table. You were kind of asking for it.

August 15
Ben's watching Leapfrog Letter Factory, and every time the main character finishes a song, Ben says, "Thank you!"

August 11

Loved having staff at our house tonight. There's nothing better than an evening of laughter and oversharing to cap off a great summer.

August 10
Feeling really grateful for the amazing staff we've been able to work with all summer. I'll be sad to see them go this weekend.

August 6
We're taking our kids to the beach today. All 19 of them.

August 4
Ben's new favorite thing us to yell,"That way!" every time we get to an intersection & then scream if we go the other way. It's super fun.

August 3
A few things to remember for when you meet my daughter . . . http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-bloom/how-to-talk-to-little-gir_b_882510.html

We have one VERY active baby! Any gender guesses?

August 2
I'm not usually one to brag, but . . . I'm going to anyway. http://www.babble.com/mom/work-family/best-mom-etsy-shop-handmade-mom-lukecommasara/

Oy. We are going to have a bummed out 4-year-old on our hands if we come home and tell him he has another brother instead of a sister.

July 30
The Olive Garden waiter left us 5 Andes mints, which was an obvious attempt to cause dissension in our marriage.

July 29
Ben's first hair cut. yfrog.com/kipjgvvj

"No money, no spendy. That’s how it works in our house. And it hurts." Love this. http://everydayepistle.com/2011/07/26/how-the-government-can-save-3-14-million-this-year/

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