October 18, 2010

Any ideas?

Sara (no, a different Sara - I'm not just speaking in third person) apologized for her "bloggy lameness" last week, and I need to make that same apology. I feel like I'm up against a bit of writer's block. I have things I can write about the boys . . . about how Jack says, "YESSSSSSS!" every time something goes his way and how Ben's newest word is "fish" - though he only uses it to refer to the Pepperidge Farm variety. To get the full effect, you really have to imagine all of the spit that comes flying out of his mouth when he says the "ish" part.

But so much of what is going on in our house right now is hard to write about. I can't really explain in written words the funny faces that Ben makes when he tries to ham it up. I can't find the right way to explain the intangibles that make Jack seem like he's grown up so much over the last month.

I could write about Jack's trike-a-thon, but well, it would go something like this: "Jack rode his tricycle in a preschool fundraiser and enjoyed it."

I could tell you about Ben's one year check up, but that would go something like this: "He's 24 1/2 pounds, and a number of inches tall that I can't remember."

See what I mean? Any ideas? What should I write about?

Help me tackle this bad case of writer's block.


Emily said...

remember once you said something about a Christian ciriculum for toddlers....anything like that I'd love to read about :)

Sara Neufeld said...

first of all, you rock. B, you are such a funny funny writer and had me laughing in this short post. 3rd, just do what you just did, if you can't gather all your thoughts to write it out in detail, just give those snippets. d. i love the part about ben saying fish with spit coming out and the trike race. that's good stuff. any of your snarkiness/comments on life, etc, i enjoy. i like the way you think. that's my 4 cents.