October 8, 2010

Dear Jack and Ben, Months 40 and 13 respectively

Dear Jack and Ben,

Many people enter adulthood and suddenly feel like they aren't intelligent or experienced enough to share their opinions or provide insight. They sit around and wait for other people to solve problems, take action, and do their part to make our world a better place. I've become keenly aware of that this month.

Playing in the rain

Somewhere along the way, we start to feel insecure . . . and sometimes even ashamed of ourselves and how little we feel we have to offer. We sit there knowing that we'll never do great things with all of our deficiencies holding us back. It's so wrong for us to feel that way, because God has gifted each of us with our own unique perspective and our own original ways to impact our world. We spend so much time focused on our areas of weakness, and our strengths just go to waste.

Playing in the rain

Once you fall into that trap - the trap of feeling not-good-enough - it's so hard to break free. I've been thinking a lot lately and wondering how to make sure you two never lose it . . . the courage to speak your mind and do what is right.

Right now, there is very little that you are afraid to share . . . for better or for worse. Jack, you speak your mind openly, and if you have something to share or offer, you do it boldly. Ben, you're not speaking yet, but I can already tell that you won't be shy about it. I want to preserve that spirit of boldness in each of you, while teaching you that it must be accompanied by love, gentleness and kindness.

Playing in the rain

The challenge to "make the world a better place" might seem daunting because, well, it's THE WORLD. But you don't go alone. We serve a God who both calls and equips us. Oh, and he goes with us, too. Some Christians look at our world and can only see the evil that runs rampant, but I'm hopeful because I know that God is at work. I see glimpses of His grace in the eyes of everyone I meet and I am confident that he is at work drawing everyone to Him.

Playing in the rain

So my question to you both (whenever you're old enough to read this letter) is this: What will you do to bring Him glory with the short time on earth He's given you? How will you be a part of His work? How will you respond to God's calling on your lives? How will the world be different because you're here?


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Angela said...

Thank you for sharing such an endearing, heartfelt and awe-inspiring letter to your boys. I am the proud Mama of a 14 month old and will be sure to read your lovely letter to him when he awakens from his nap. Blessings to you and your sweet family.