September 28, 2010

The first days of preschool

First Day of Preschool

Jack's been in preschool for more than two weeks now. I did have to wear sunglasses on the first day we dropped him off . . . to hide the tear-filled eyes.

I have lots of thoughts about preschool, but I won't share them all here. I will say that his first few days were rough . . . he didn't mind being dropped off and seemed excited in the mornings to get there. But when I picked him up, he started crying the minute the car door closed and told me he didn't want to go back. I was totally bewildered. I would ask what he did at school and he'd say, "Nothing." I know that sounds typical of a three-year-old boy, but it's WAY out of character for him. In the summer, if I'd ask what he did that day, I'd get a play by play of every minute.

I guess he was just adjusting, because he's much happier about going now and will talk to me about his day on the way home (or drive is about 25 minutes each way). His teacher is very nice and he seems to really like her, so I'm happy about that.

September, 2010


Elisa said...

We can relate to your preschool struggles. Today was the first day Zackary went without being upset about it. He rarely talks about things and it takes a lot to get information from him. I really hoped this would be fun for him, so I'm hoping it keeps getting better!

Sarah said...

Love reading the 1 year update on Ben. Our boys are just SO at the same stages!!! So fun to read about your VERY similar days!!!

You sound unsure of preschool. ?? Please share.....
I have my teacher perspective AND my parent perspective. I'd love to hear yours.....