December 27, 2009

I need Africa

My friend, Kristi, left for Africa yesterday and she'll be there for two weeks. I'm committing to pray for her, and her team, every day. Would you consider praying for her too? Here's part of the letter she sent yesterday:

Hello Family & Friends!

I hope that you are all having a joyful holiday season and are finding time amidst the busyness of the season to rest in the peace that Christ offers.

This is my last update to you all before I leave on SATURDAY(!!) for Ethiopia. It's been a crazy and amazing past few months as I've witnessed God work in completely unimaginable ways throughout this preparation time. He's taught me that He provides in perfect timing and perfect ways--even when I doubt. When I was first accepted to join the Mocha Club trip to Ethiopia I remember thinking to myself "If I can just raise $1500 (half of the support I needed), that would be amazing." But how silly was it for me to doubt that God was capable of providing all of the financial support that I would need. Through your prayers and generosity I can thankfully say that I'm fully funded. In addition, many of you have provided other donations via supplies for the children we'll be working with which is just an incredible blessing.

  • Pray that we would all be able to make it to DC without any major issues. We're coming from all over the country and weather is, of course, a bit of concern at this point.
  • Pray that we would have safe travels to and from Ethiopia and that we would be safe traveling around the country.
  • Pray that we would be able to see past cultural differences to see that Christ is Savior for all nations and all people.
  • Pray that even through exhaustion we would be able to love with the love of Christ and to give all that we have.
  • Pray that we would be free from illnesses while we are there and when we return.
  • Pray that this experience would not end after 2 weeks. Pray that when we return we take action from what we have seen and learned.
  • Pray that we are reminded that even though there is injustice around the world, God hates injustice and will one day come to rescue all victims of injustice and redeem this world. (I'll be honest...I think this is the one I probably need most prayers for right now. I've already thought to myself multiple times "How can just 2 weeks possibly make a difference? There is so much injustice all around the world and no matter what I do, it won't be enough." My heart is heavy thinking that even as I type this to you there are children dying from malnutrition and preventable illnesses and there are women giving their bodies to provide for their families. But I know that all will be redeemed and given new life when Christ returns. I pray that my team and I can find peace in knowing this.)
  • Pray that we would stay hopeful and keep our heart and eyes open to the work that God is already doing in Ethiopia and has been doing for many, many years.
  • Pray that we would be able to learn from the people of Ethiopia. I keep thinking about everything we're going to share with the people of Ethiopia when we go, but I have this sneaking suspicion that I have an awful lot to learn from them, too.

If you'd like to be praying for our specific projects, here's the schedule of where we'll be on each day:

Monday 12/28 - Little A Hope in Addis Ababa
Tuesday 12/29 - Women at Risk in Nazareth
Wednesday 12/30 - Women at Risk in Nazareth
Thursday 12/31 - Women at Risk in Nazareth
Friday 1/1 - Travel to Ambo
Saturday 1/2 - School time and activities with children in Ambo
Sunday 1/3 - Church and activities with children in Ambo
Monday 1/4 - School time and activities with children in Ambo
Tuesday 1/5 - Classroom time and activities with street children in Ambo
Wednesday 1/6 - Classroom time with children in Ambo
Thursday 1/7 - Fistula Hospital/Hannah's Orphanage in Addis

Thank you all again for your support and prayers. This Christmas season has been a truly special one for me and I'm thankful that I've been able to share it with you all.

Lots of love,

"I need Africa more than Africa needs me." Learn more about the Mocha Club and how your $7 a month can help people in Africa. Visit

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