December 13, 2009

Catching up.

I had this plan back in September that I was going to have some posts written up and ready to post so that I could have something to share even when I had no time to write anything. But then Bennett was born, and before I knew it, the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year was upon me.

And upon me, it was. The last few weeks have been crazy . . . sometimes good crazy, sometimes bad crazy. I've had some difficult situations in which I was able to refine my customer service skills and some frustrating moments in which I learned to be more concerned about doing what is right than about what people think of me. I have so much I could write about that I wouldn't even know where to begin with all of that. So I'll just let it go.

Our Christmas decorations are up, but quite a few of the decorations that came down to make room for the holiday decorations are still sitting on the floor and against our walls. Needless to say, our house is a mess.

Jack has saying so many funny things that I can't keep up and throwing so many temper tantrums that I sometimes feel like my head might explode. Potty training has its ups and downs, but we did get #2 in the potty twice last week, which was a huge accomplishment. I think it'll go a lot better after the holidays when we have more time to focus on it. Then again, after the holidays we head right into winter retreats and when those are done, we'll be winding up for summer. Ahhh . . . summer. Warmth. I can't wait.

With the exception of a few nights here and there, Ben is a great sleeper! About half of the time, we can put him down awake and he puts himself to sleep. And about 1/4 of the time, he falls asleep with a few minutes of rocking and soothing. He switches between these high pitched squeals and this raspy "ga-ga" gurgle that makes him sound like a smoker. He rolls himself over every so often, but honestly, I don't give him enough tummy time right now to know if he'd do it regularly. He's pretty good at lifting his head up and will push himself up on his hands so that he can look around. He'll bat at his toys like crazy and we've even caught him smiling proudly when he hits them hard. He brings me so much joy. Both of my boys do.

OK, back to work!

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