April 1, 2015

Hattie at 7 months . . .

. . . really enjoys solid foods.  She's a better eater than her sister or brothers ever were at this age. She won't sit in her high chair to play anymore. When she's there, she expects to EAT.

. . . sits up with no problem. Her favorite way to pass the time is to watch her siblings.

. . . is just starting to scoot on all fours.  She really likes to move backward.

. . . has a belly laugh that will bring a smile to anyone's face.

. . . sleeps 6:30 PM to 7:30 AM most nights and naps 2 - 3 times a day.

. . . has her first two teeth (came in just before she turned 7 months old).

. . . is 18ish pounds.

. . . is still very happy and laid back.

. . . says "da da da da" on repeat. And growls. And squeals. She's very chatty.

. . . is learning to be gentle. She doesn't pull my hair as much anymore.  I just say, "gentle, gentle" and she opens her fingers and just bats it around.

. . . sleeps in a spare bedroom at night and in her crib during the day. Her sister wakes her up at bedtime if she sleeps in their room.

. . . does great in the car seat and out shopping. I can't tell you how wonderful this is. We can go shopping for a few hours and she never even fusses.

. . . is growing so, so fast.

. . . is incredible loved by all of us. We don't know what we'd do without her.

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