February 2, 2015

Snow Day

Instead of bemoaning this snow day, I decided to lean into it and do my best to enjoy it. I grabbed my camera more today than I have in a few years. Do you remember when I used to take real photographs daily? Yeah, I can't remember it either.

Here's what a snow day looks like at our house.

14.5 inches.

Playing with toes.

Chess and checkers.

Snow blower repair.

Hot cocoa . . .
. . . in mom and dad's favorite mug.

Video games.
Non-video games.

3-hour nap.

Playing in the snow.

Giggles from the 3 oldest when dad hit the window with snow from the snow blower


Unknown said...

What great pictures! You really captured some neat family moments.

VISHY said...
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VISHY said...

I have never seen snow but these pics really warm me up to the core..

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