March 16, 2013

Jack's 5th birthday party

Jack turned 5 last June.

That's right . . . almost a year ago.  I'm a little behind.  Admittedly, these photos aren't the greatest . . . most were taken on my phone at the last minute as guests were arriving.

He wanted a super hero birthday . . . he was so into super heroes.  Any super hero.  He still is.

All of the kids made their own capes . . . we had a kit for each child that came with a satin cape, their initial, an initial backer and lots of felt stickies to decorate with.  Once they were done decorating, we didn't really see much of the kids until it was time to open gifts.  They ran in circles playing "super hero" and were thoroughly entertained!


We also had pre-assembled capes for Claire and Hayleigh, neither of whom were mobile at that point!  So sweet.


We did everything in a super hero theme, though over the course of planning, it morphed intro a comic book theme, kind of.  Jack didn't care, so I didn't either. 

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