May 8, 2012

Dear Claire, Month 4

Dear Claire,

Do you know how much we love you?  I sometimes sit and look at you and wonder if there's any possible way you can know.  I tell you that all the time and you just smile and gurgle.  Or make a growling noise . . . you make growling noises a lot, too.  You are a delight.

Opening Day

It's not just your dad and I.  Your brothers love you, too.  And you love them. Jack has been successful at making you laugh more times than anyone else.  He makes crazy noises and does funny dances.  The other night, he just looked at you and you laughed.  You think he's pretty funny.  And Ben . . . he loves you, too.  He'll lay down with you and talk to you almost every time you're playing on the floor.  Every morning, he wants a "hug and tiss" from you before he eats his breakfast.  He asks all the time if he can "tuddle" with you.  You smile so big when you see him.  You're lucky to have your big brothers.

Claire, month 4

There will come a day when you test your boundaries.  You'll disobey.  You'll talk back.  We'll have to discipline you.  There will be time outs.  It's so hard to imagine right now, but I know it's coming.  I've done this before.  Even so, we'll still love you as much as we do right now.  Actually, it's because of how much we love you that we'll discipline you.

When I think about how much we love you, my thoughts naturally drift to how much God loves us.  Our love is only a fraction of his love for you.  Our delight in you is only a shadow of the delight He takes in you.   Do you know how much God loves you?

Claire, month 4

You're growing and changing every day.  Rolling over.  Laughing.  Sitting up.  You're doing fun things and you're in a fun stage.  I could write a book on that, but I'd rather just let you know how loved you are.


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