May 1, 2012

Dear Ben, Month 31

Dear Bennett,

I love listening to you talk.  You are so careful and deliberate about everything that you say.  We laugh quite a bit at what comes out of your mouth.

April 2012

One of your favorite words to throw around this month is "also".  It's one of my favorites, too, because you try to use it to just slide something in there as if it won't be noticed.  For instance, "Mama, I go play outside. Also, you come push me on the swings."  Or even, "I have a snack. Also, you get the cookies for me."

Over the weekend, you walked up behind me and gave me a big hug, slyly wiping your face across the back of my shirt.  I asked you if you just wiped your nose on me and you replied, "NOOOO!  Also, yes."

Nice try.

April 2012

Now that you have a rapidly expanding vocabulary, you've become quite good at defending yourself against your brother.  And pushing his buttons.  Your Dad and I wondered why you guys have been fighting so much more this month than ever before, and the more we thought about it, the more we realized that the fights always had to do with 1) You not giving in to everything Jack demands of you or 2) You saying or doing something that you KNOW will push him over the edge.  I feel a little bit like a referee.

At the same time, it's really helped to strengthen your relationship with your brother.  You guys laugh together so much.  You build things and make up stories about what you've built.  You play games.  You really look up to him and you two are becoming such good friends.

April 2012

Starting in June, you guys will spend more time away from each other than ever before.  It breaks my heart a little bit, and I think you might have a hard time with it, too.  But I also think you two might appreciate each other more with a little bit of separation.  It will get you ready for the fall when you start preschool and have to make new friends.

PRESCHOOL!  I can't even talk about it.  We'll save that for another letter.

I love you Ben.  Also, I think you're pretty cute.


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Monica said...

love it. beautiful. and also - funny. ;o)