March 25, 2012

Bennett at 30 months

At 30 months, Ben . . .

. . . is speaking really well. In November, we had a consultation with a speech therapist because he was only using one word at a time. By the time she came for his first therapy session in December, he was speaking in 3 & 4 word phrases, so she just closed his case. Since then, he's come quite a long way and strings sentences together like he's been doing it all his life. He still struggles with pronunciation, but I'm sure it will get better. It's awesome to hear all of the things we knew were in his head but that he couldn't get out. He's a funny kid.

. . . has cute (and sometimes profane-sounding) ways of pronouncing things.

. . . the cutest things he says are "Aw, nutso!" or "I'm supa hungee!" or "This taking forever!"

. . . will ask the same question over and over and over.

. . . will say "huh?" to your question even though he can hear you, if he doesn't know the answer or doesn't want to answer.

. . . has no fear of getting dirty. Mud puddles are a magnet for him.

. . . loves playing with his fire truck, dump trucks. police cars and anything superhero related.

. . . likes to have books read to him, and will sit down and make up his own story by looking at the pictures.

. . . runs everywhere.

. . . when asked to find something, will turn once in a circle and say, "Can't find it ANYWHERE!"

. . . likes to watch Chuggington, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Caillou, Curious George and Clifford (or as he pronounces it, Bifford).

. . . will do anything over and over if he can find someone to laugh at it.

. . . is VERY stubborn.

. . . wears a 3T/4T

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