January 10, 2012

Claire Bear

Claire, 2 weeks old

I dare you to name your child "Claire" and not call her "Claire Bear." No matter how hard you try not to, I promise you that you'll find it slipping through your lips multiples times a day.

This beautiful girl might never have a birth announcement. With both of the boys, I'd already had them in the mail. But I just have no inspiration for hers! Ironic, right?

I do have lots and lots of photos of her, though. See a few of them here.


Shellie said...

She is absolutely beautiful! If I did not have 2 teenage boys who drive me insane and if I was not one year short of my 50th b-day. I would one one just like her! She is so cute and I bet she smells like that terrific baby smell. I miss that part.
Best wishes and may she always be easy and carefree.

Ms.Lo said...

Pretty, pretty baby...