January 8, 2012

Almost 2 weeks old

OK, she's almost 2 weeks old now, but here's a photo of Claire at one week.

Claire, one week old

She gained 9 ounces over the last week, so at 2 weeks old, she's 9 pounds, 3 ounces. It's a good weight gain, but it's so much less than it was with the boys, that it made me worried at first. She doesn't nurse as well as the boys did, but it is getting better every day. The doctor assures me that she's perfectly healthy.

She's such a great baby . . . she only cries when she has a dirty diaper or if she's hungry. She's super snuggly and will happily sleep in her sling all day.

It's the boys that are giving us a run for our money. Especially Ben. I don't know if it's having a new sister, or being two . . . maybe a combination of both. But he's been especially feisty lately.

I'm healing . . . slowly but surely. It's been slightly more difficult this time around than it was with either of the boys. I've been emotional and tired, but that's to be expected, I suppose.

I'm so thankful for three healthy kids. So far, I think the adjustment to having Claire has been easier it was when I had Ben. Well, maybe not easier, but less of a shock. Last Wednesday and Friday were probably the two low points of the first week home. My mom made a comment about just taking it one week at a time. She reminded me that in a week, things would be a lot better (and they were) and in a week after that, things would be better still. It's been a helpful way to look at things.

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Amanda said...

She is beautiful!
Our little girl had just hit 8lbs at 8 weeks. So I feel you on the worry thing! Youre doing great!