December 19, 2011

Dear Jack, Months 52, 53 & 54

Dear Jack,

Keeping up with you is such a challenge. You are growing and developing faster than I can handle. The level of conversation you can have is well beyond your years, and your wit is incredible. When we're all in the car together, you often say things that cause your dad and I to just give each other wide eyed stares that communicate, "Did your 4-YEAR-OLD really just say that?!" As we sit there in silence, you often say, "What? Did you HEAR ME?!" as we work to snap out of it and respond. From commentary and analysis of the Revolutionary War (not even kidding) to your take on the lyrics of Christmas songs and how they don't really line up with what Christmas is all about . . . you keep us on our toes. I can't tell you how many times you've asked why Christmas songs are sung about decking the halls when Christmas is really about "the love of Jesus' birth." Oy. Nonetheless, for Christmas you've asked for a bike, superheroes, a watch . . . and a few other miscellaneous things.

November 2011

You've really become quite the artist, and I love it that I can actually tell what you're drawing. Your drawings of dinosaurs are definitely the best. You also love stickers and painting. You write us notes and cards and your letters and spelling have come such a long way. As I stare at your little sister bulging out of my belly, I can't even believe that you were once there. You're so grown up.

November 2011

You also like to build and play with legos and anything else that you can eventually knock down . . . that is, if Ben doesn't knock it down first. Ben can be a nuisance to you sometimes, I know, but he only does the things he does because he loves you and wants your attention. And lets be honest . . . you're not always super easy for him to deal with either. You two fight quite a bit, but you also play quite a bit, too. I know that you love each other and I hope that you're friends for life.

November 2011

I'm so proud of you, Jack. I love you so much.


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myrnav said...

Hi! I found you on etsy and I was searching everywhere for a contact to just ask you a simple question before I purchased something..
I really love the forest first birthday card (with the big ONE on it) and I'm doing a woodland friends party theme for my little guy and this has everything I need except for one important thing.. a Owl... They are my favorite and I needed to know if you would be able to add one if I purchased this invite??? sorry to bug, just checking since I need to order the invites like yesterday ;)... btw your blog is inspiring.. And why are you soo amazing? because I see you have faith in God... He's awesome, but I don't need to tell you that cause I can see you already know ;)

Please email me to if this is possible.
Thanks soo much!