December 26, 2011

Claire Grace Luke

Claire Grace Luke spoke the name of God when she took her first breath today at 8:22 AM. We thought we'd have a Christmas baby, but she really took her time. More on her story later. She was 8 pounds, 13 ounces and measured 21.5 inches.

We are totally in love with her and can't believe she's ours. I find myself in total disbelief over the fact that I ever lamented having a girl instead of a boy because within 10 seconds of laying eyes on her I couldn't imagine life without her.

Happy birthday, baby girl!


ann said...

Sara, she's great. She looks so content. Congratulations. Also, I love that wrinkly little finger of hers.

Paula said...

Congratulations, Sara and family! She's beautiful. :)

Wendy Miller said...

So very excited for you both. Well, all five of you actually. What a wonderful gift to your family. What a wonderful gift you will all be to her. Congrats.