August 25, 2010


We had such a good time with the Owen family on Friday. We have so much fun with them, and Jack and Easton get along so well . . . so well that they were both crying after we left. You know those friends that you don't see that often, but really wish you did? Well, for us, that's Phil and Emily.

I got to take pictures of their family, and I'm still working on editing them, but I couldn't resist posting this one tonight.


Like I said . . . we have fun together.

OK, and here's one more . . . taken right before Easton told me he had run out of smiles.

Owen Family

More to come . . .

1 comment:

Phil said...

we had such a great time with you guys. Thanks for not photoshopping the picture too and showing everyone just how fast i truly am!