August 31, 2010

The New Ride

August, 2010

Here's our new ride. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I L-O-V-E it. After lots of research and shopping, we chose the Grand Caravan. We originally set out to look for a Town and Country until I realized they were the same car, with only cosmetic differences. I asked one dealer, "Why do people pay more for a Town and Country if the Caravan is the exact same car?" And he responded with a shrug and said, "Marketing?"

We had several requirements that were must-haves . . . the problem was that one of those requirements didn't allow for stow 'n go seating in the second row . . . only swivel 'n go. At least we think that's the case, because finding a vehicle with a towing prep package and converter without it was impossible. It looks nice in the picture, but I would have rather had the stow 'n go. Luckily, we still have stow 'n go in the back seats and we can always pop the two middle row seats out completely if we need to.

There was one mildly embarrassing moment in the trip. I took Jack to the bathroom as soon as we got to the dealership . . . it was a 2 1/2 hour drive, so he had to GO. And due to a lack of, um, aim, he peed all over me. And himself.

He had a change of clothes. I did not.

Of course, Jack announced that he "peed on mommy" to everyone standing within ear shot when we walked out of the bathroom, and proceeded to inform the one other woman in the waiting room, as well. He probably didn't need to say anything because I went into the bathroom dry and came out with my pants and bottom of my shirt soaked.

I couldn't stop laughing . . . which I guess is better than being frustrated. I was consciously trying to put it out of my mind when we were signing the paperwork and looking over the financing options, but I'm sure the salesman saw my stifling giggles. I was a 12-year-old.

To say that the boys were cooperative for photos tonight would be a lie. But here are a few to commemorate our first night with the minivan.

August, 2010

August, 2010

August, 2010


Anonymous said...

yay for you! you will love it even more as the weeks go's just so convenient. which, as a mom, is at the top of the priority list!

Katrina said...

Hurray! Glad you found something you L-O-V-E :)

ann said...

Congratulations. I think this is really awesome. I used to drive clients around in Dodge Caravans when I worked for the rehab. center (occasionally). They drive just like a car and are really comfy. Anyway, Matt and I both think that the Caravan is the best minivan.

So, why did we buy a Mazda5? We got a good deal. Anyway, I didn't get a "minivan," but the Mazda5 is sometimes called a "microvan," so I'm getting there.

Congrats, again.

Oh, out of curiosity, what are you planning to tow?