October 28, 2009


While he fusses a lot in the evening, Ben is the happiest baby you will ever meet first thing in the morning . . . after his breakfast, that is. He was just grinning from ear to ear this morning while he and Jack had a little bonding time. You have to really imagine Jack saying all of this in a high-pitched voice, mimicking how he hears us talk to Ben:

"Hi Ben! Hi Baby Brother! Do you want to grow up and play bideo games with me?*"

"What's your name? Is it Bennett . . . orrrr . . . is it my name? It's BENNETT! He said his name is Bennett!"

"Do you know that your name starts with 'B'? Yep. It does. It does. It's spelled B-3-4-5-6-BEN"

*Just a note . . . we don't have video games. Well, Kyle does, but I think he's played maybe twice since Jack was born. But Jack talks all the time about wanting Ben to grow up so that they can play "bideo games" together.


Melissa Hoffman said...

Why are your kids so hilarious? I hope I have kids as funny as yours some day. So entertaining!

Cristi Hammond said...


alex said...

I love the conversations kids have with each other. Playing video games together is unavoidable... our boys love the wii