February 9, 2007

Heat Wave!

It's amazing how warm it feels now when it's 19 degrees and sunny. After reaching temperatures of 20 below (with wind chill, of course), I think I'll be ready to break out the shorts when we hit 50. Our last retreat is this weekend . . . well, it starts today. Starting Sunday afternoon, I'll be ready for the snow to stop and the temperature to climb. One can only hope . . .

A favorite past time of mine this week has become sitting in bed watching my belly move whenever the baby kicks. I'm amazed at how long I can sit and do that without becoming the least bit bored. It's still amazing for me to think there's a little boy in there moving around. We had another check-up on Wednesday and everything seems to be right on schedule and perfectly normal. I think I'll continue to experience a huge amount of relief with each "normal" check-up.

I had the chance to go to John and Lissa's last night to meet baby Gillian. She is precious! So, so cute and so tiny. It was seriuosly like holding a doll because she was so quiet and still. She didn't even twitch when Micki handed her over to me.

I got to eat dinner with Joy and Jeanette afterward and they commented on how fast it seems that my pregnancy has gone by so far. I'm glad it seems that way for someone. I feel like I could have had three babies in the amount of time that I've been pregnant. I've got 15 weeks to go and I think it's going to feel like 15 months.

I've had a little bit (and by little bit, I mean a lot) of congestion from the cold weather over the last few days. I've woken up hardly able to breathe every night this week. Usually, I take a shower around 3 AM and that clears me up. I've just found myself wondering if I'll ever sleep all the way through the night again before the baby's born. If not, it could be a REALLY long time before I get a full night's sleep.

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