August 1, 2015

Hattie at 11 months . . .

At 11 months old, Hattie . . .

. . . still has the sweetest disposition ever. She's so happy.  She never fails to light up a room.  She wakes up happy, goes to sleep happy and unless she's hungry or teething, is happy during all the in between times.

. . . is crawling, standing and climbing. The stairs in our house are becoming an issue.

. . . spent most of her summer in the stroller or being held.

. . . chuckles at us very easily.

. . . will "tickle" people and say, "icka icka" (or something like that).

. . . says "mama" and "dada" regularly. She's also said "Ja" and "Ben" occasionally but only once do I think she's tried to say "Claire."

. . . stopped breastfeeding two weeks ago. She's taking it better than her mother.

. . . loves Cheerios, strawberries, bananas, cucumbers, little bits of pizza* and anything off of anyone else's plate. She can sense when we've prepared food separately for her, and doesn't like it.

. . . loves to give kisses.

. . . is still our smallest baby. She still fits into some of her 9 - 12 month clothing!

. . . prefers her Mama to anyone else.

. . . claps anytime someone says "yay!" or "all done!"  She also throws her hands up when anyone says, "So big!"

. . . signs for "more" and sometimes "please" and "cup."

. . . will stick her finger up way her nose whenever we ask her where it is. It's ended badly a few times so we don't ask that very much.

. . . loves to eat her toes.

*This falls into the ever expanding category of "things that happen with the 4th child, that never would have happened with the 1st."

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