May 21, 2015

I'm obsessed . . .

. . . with baby birds. Our new house is home to so many. I can't really put my finger on why I have this obsession. Let's face it . . . baby birds are kind of ugly. I mean, in a cute way, I guess. But Kyle and I have made all kinds of unsavory comparisons to their appearance. 

Robin's nest, May 10

Cardinal's nest, May 9

It's brand new life. The fact that there are these vulnerable creatures sitting so precariously off of our front porch and under our back deck . . . it's just overwhelming. Anything could just come along and take them out. A predator, a storm, a stray baseball . . . anything. But Mama bird just keeps doing the next right thing for her babies. She doesn't seem to be worried about what might happen tomorrow. She's just doing what she needs to do today.  Sure, something bad could happen (and boy does she squawk whenever she sees me nearing her nest), but it doesn't keep her from moving right along. She doesn't panic.

Robin's Nest, May 16
Robin's nest, May 19
It's amazing to me that these Mama birds know exactly what to do, without any help from the library or the Internet. They didn't have to read any books on the best way to build a nest, or search forums for advice on feeding a baby bird. They didn't take classes on laying their eggs. They don't need a schedule for when to keep their babies warm or when to go out and search for food. They just do what needs to be done. These birds are amazing little creatures.

Robin's nest, May 19
Cardinal's nest, May 21
I know that my life is more complex than these. None of them have a mortgage or kids in school or a lifespan beyond 2 - 3 years.

Still . . . I have so much to learn from watching these birds.

Cardinal's nest, May 21

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