February 10, 2013

Bennett turns (er, turned) three!


Bennett turned three in September and we had a firefighter birthday party for him!  It was a lot of fun and Brian brought over a fire engine from the local fire department.  The kids really enjoyed seeing that.  SEEING it.  The sirens, however?  Not so much.  Let's just say that there were tears.

We served chili and let everyone roast their own hot dogs. 


Along with Maria's cupcakes, I made a little cake with a firefighter's bad on it.  It was lopsided.  It tasted okay, but it looked like Ben made it.  In retrospect, I should have just told everyone that he did.  It was not good.  Thank goodness we had lots of other sweet treats to make up for it!

I think, of all of the birthday parties I've thrown, this was the most fun and the one that I was most on top of.  There really wasn't anything stressful about it and it kind of all fell into place.

As usual, Ben wanted no part of having his picture taken, so this was the best one I could get of my sweet little three-year-old.


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