September 5, 2012

The first day

Jack made it through his first day and was excited to go back this morning!  The chaos of drop off and the stress of having a newly potty trained two-year-old really distracted me from being emotional, though when we were back on the road leaving, I did shed a few tears.  But just a few.

The things that broke my heart:

  • His little cluster of desks where he sits includes him and three girls.  He asked each of the three girls if they could be friends.  They all said no.
  • He really liked recess, but didn't have anyone to play with.
The things that encouraged me:
  • He did say that he made one new friend that he really liked.
  • He said that everything they did in class was fun.
  • He really likes his teacher.
  • He ate lunch with a friend from preschool, even though he's in a different class than he is.
  • He seemed really excited that he saw Jasmine, Hailey and Samantha at recess.
  • He informed us that we no longer need to pack a lunch because THERE IS PIZZA AT SCHOOL!  We informed him that we'll probably still be packing a lunch most days, but maybe once in a while he could get pizza.
  • He chose white milk instead of chocolate at snack because he thought it would be healthier choice to only have chocolate once a week (we had previously discussed this with him, but we weren't sure if he'd really do it . . . but he did).
  • He LOVED gym class.
  • He has a doodle book to draw in during their rest time and that was right up his alley.

I'm sure there were more things that he told us, but I can't remember them all.  He was so funny when he told me that he can't wait until next year so that he can do a first day of school all over again!  I'm just glad to have the first day over with.

I love this kid so much.

Edited to add:  Printable signs now available here.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray for Jack! So glad it went well. That friend thing is still tricky for a while through kindergarten, but he's such a sweet boy...he'll make new friends in no time!