November 2, 2011

Big shoes to fill

A day in Jack's shoes

Do you notice anything weird about this picture? The size 12 shoes, perhaps?

A day in Jack's shoes

This is the second of this exact same pair that I've purchased for Jack since September. Did he outgrow the first pair? Nope. Were they ruined? We're not quite sure.

You see, Ben likes to wear Jack's shoes around the house. The last time we saw Jack's first pair of these was about a month ago . . . on Ben's feet. We've searched the house high and low for those shoes and cannot find them anywhere. So today, I broke down and bought another pair.

Ben, of course, had them on his feet within minutes of me walking in the door.


jkluke said...

Haha, cute. Do they have any in his size?

sara luke said...

They do, but all of the shoes we have left from Jack in his size are in great condition. And, I still think he'd just want to wear Jack's!