March 14, 2011


I went to the Hearts at Home national conference with friends over the weekend and loved it so much. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to go and I plan on going back. I'll write more about the weekend later, but I was really glad to get home to my boys. Both boys ran fevers over the weekend while I was gone (of course they did) and I called Kyle at one point on my way home, only to hear screaming and chaos in the background because JACK HAD JUST SWALLOWED A DIME. But why was he crying? Because he was worried that he wouldn't get it back.

I feel like the weekend provided the right about of a break and encouragement to re-charge me as a mom. I was able to spend a lot of time with them today and it was so much fun to parent with a refreshed perspective on motherhood.

Kyle took Jack to a basketball game tonight and it was just Bennett and I until his bedtime. We had a really good time. I think he liked not having to compete with Jack for attention or getting talked over all the time.

During his snack, I shot this little video. The video right after it was of him accidentally biting his finger . . . it left marks. It is the saddest thing ever, so I decided NOT to share that one.

Take a look at Ben in all of his cuteness.

I have so many videos that I'd like to share! I just need to get them dumped on to my computer first. They literally go back months and months.


Elisa said...

Oh my, did Jack get his dime back???

Laurie J said...

oh my! hope he got his dime back?! ;) I was @ HAH, too! what a great weekend of refreshment for us mamas