January 11, 2011

It's NOT like riding a bike.

You know how there are some things that you can do as well as you ever could, no matter how long it's been since you last did it? The classic example of riding a bike, for instance?

For me, photography is not one of those things. I'm out of practice. Over the last month and a half, I've set aside my camera for the computer and I can certainly tell. Frigid temperatures don't help. I feel like I've hit a little bit of a rut because photographically, my ideas have run dry and I'm not progressing or getting better. I'm not pushing myself to improve.

So, I'm going to work to practice more. But until I do . . . here are a few pictures from the summer.

Brian and Debbie taught Jack to fish back in June. I thought the pictures had been lost because sometime in August I realized I hadn't ever processed them. When Kyle was cleaning out the Explorer after it died in August, he found a memory card that had gone rogue. Lo and behold . . . there were the missing photos.

Just soak these pictures in and pretend that everyone outside is wearing shorts and basking in the sunshine while you're seeking respite in the air conditioning.

June, 2010

June, 2010

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