December 22, 2010


Notes from everyday life over the last few weeks (uh, months).

Today felt like the longest day ever. Ironic, no?

Jack's finally saying "with" instead of "wif" . . . but now instead of "whipped cream" he says "withed cream."

December 20
Kyle: Jack, why were you slamming doors? Jack: "I was telling Mary & Joseph there wasn't any room in this inn, and it made me mad."

December 18
Kyle just told me that he bought the sweater he's wearing 8 years ago on our honeymoon. Adding "new sweaters" to his Christmas list.

Just because you CAN do something on photoshop, doesn't mean you should. It's a rule to live by, people.

December 17
Yesterday, Jack asked, "If you put the sun in the freezer, will the freezer melt or the sun get cold?"

It's like living on an exotic island except Indiana and Ohio are just so clingy. RT @

December 16
Discount criticism from the person who hasn't created anything. Pray they get over their fear and make something terrific. RT @

December 14
Going to Subway with Kyle for an anniversary lunch, followed by a staff meeting. Yeah . . . we're fancy.

December 8
Jack just told us his favorite place to go out to eat . . . is Brian and Debbie's house.

December 7
I think Jack's most commonly used phrase is, "But I had it first!"

November 29
Jack's first starbucks treat. Long overdue.

November 27
"I'm gonna let you AND mom put me to bed! Isn't that amazing, dad?!"

November 25
Maybe he fell asleep while praying?

November 21
A customer just told me I'm like Super Woman. I'm totally buying a cape.

Ben is pulling ziploc bags out of the drawer and bringing them to me one by one. Which is a mess, but at least it's keeping him occupied.

November 20
Jack just walked into my office and said, "I've had a hard day today. I need to go potty."

Yesterday, I heard Jack telling Ben "I love you even when you're screaming because I took a toy from you."

November 18
7.99 + 1.89 = what?

November 17
During nap time, Jack removed every sticker from his growth chart. Awesome.

November 8
We still do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has revealed to us. - Albert Einstein


Sarah said...

Yeah, so just last week I was thinking to myself how glad I was that I had marked Ezra's "home-measured" birthday height with a sharpie on his growth chart as I was watching him tear off the sticker that had the dr's office measurements strategically placed...

AND, I cannot even begin to tell you how many ziplock bags I've had to pick up off my floor in the past year. He thinks it's his "job" to unload each and every bag from each and every size of box inside that drawer and strew them all over my kitchen. Sometimes he'll put them back. I've given up on keeping them organized in their respective boxes. We just stuff, search, & grab in that drawer now. You never know what you're gonna get!! :)

Merry Christmas! :) (Btw, any chance Spuler & I will be seeing you in March?!?!?!)

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