July 30, 2010

From this to that

We've gone from this . . .
(P.S. It's not on fast forward . . . that really is how fast he can crawl)

Untitled from Sara on Vimeo.

to that . . .

Untitled from Sara on Vimeo.

That sad little clip is the only video I've taken of Ben walking. I need to get a better/more recent one, I know. I've also failed to take 10 month pictures and my 10 month letter to him is only half-written. And I'm sure he'll someday hold it against me.

Nonetheless, Ben is 10 months old and he's changing more and more every day. Trite, I know. But 100% true.

To his vocabulary, he's added "ma ma," "ack" (with a throaty, German-like pronunciation, for Jack), and "buh, buh" we think is "book." It's hard to know for sure, because it sounds an awful like what he says for "bottle" but he says it about half of the time when he sees a book. Something he started today was making short little grunts when he saw deer in our back yard. We realized that he did it too when we were in the front yard and hearing our neighbor's dog bark. It could just be coincidence. Who knows?

He doesn't try to dress himself, but he knows what to do with clothes. I was changing his diaper and put his shorts over his face to play peek-a-boo and he kept taking them and trying to put them on his feet. Smart boy.

Have I mentioned that sleep with this kid is no problem at all? We always rock for a few minutes, but I put him down awake, say "night-night" and that's it. It was not that way at all for Jack.

Pictures and letter to follow this week.

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The Giffen Family said...

Wow -- I long for a baby to be able to be put to bed awake and then fall asleep. Will was put to bed asleep(like conked out for at least 15mins) and then tip toe to the crib and crawl out the door on your belly type of kid. That is SO nice. Way to go Bennett! And seriously, how did both of your boys become such early walkers - amazing!!