June 22, 2010

Honduras is not in Africa

This week, someone on my staff (who shall remain nameless) asked what country Honduras is in. Another girl looked at her and said, "Um . . . HONDURAS!" They proceeded to pull up a world map and prove it to her.

This particular staff member (who I happen to love, by the way) is going on a missions trip there in a few weeks. God help the Hondurans.

While that was amusing, we got onto the subject of Honduras (and how it's not in Africa) because a blogger friend of mine is raising money for a great organization.

And by donating, you enter yourself into a drawing for a lovely quilt she's making! Read about her project here. And then go donate.

Go do it now. Seriously. Right now.

I'll resume regular posting at some point before my kids start elementary school.

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Ashley Shepherd said...

This is neat, my family and I have a non profit- Riverside Mission. We go to San Pedro Sula, Honduras twice a year. We help an orphanage, go to the local dump (where people live), and help the river people. We give them the Gospel, Give them food, and new shoes!! I love to hear other people's heart for the Hondurans!! You can check us out at www.riverside2honduras.com.